Organize Your Storage Unit for a New Year Refresh

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The New Year is the perfect time to reset, reorganize, and restructure to get started on the right foot, and having a successful year begins with proper planning. If you have specific goals in mind, step into a new year with your ducks in a row by preparing your space. 

The number of ways you can use your self-storage unit are practically limitless. You might be using it as a decluttering tool for your home or you keep it as an overflow space for furniture and other belongings that don’t quite fit in your current living space. However, over time, you can lose track of everything you have stowed away within it, or you open the door one day and realize you can’t find something because your unit has become a bit of a mess. 

As you kick off your New Year refresh, include a storage unit organization trip on your to-do list. But first, determine what you need out of your storage unit as you dive into the New Year.

Take Inventory

Next time you visit your storage unit, come prepared to take notes. Jot down everything you have in your storage unit. In a small 5×5 storage unit, this might take mere minutes. However, in a larger storage unit, you might have to devote a decent chunk of time to properly inventory everything you have in storage. Being thorough is beneficial. 

Once you know everything that is in your storage unit, you can review your list and decide whether you should keep or discard each item. If there are parts of your life you’d rather leave behind in the last year, let go of the belongings that remind you of them. That way, as you move into a new chapter, your storage unit can be ready to help you make that transition. 

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Look Ahead To Prepare for Major Life Transitions

As you look over your list, don’t just think about what you want to get rid of. Instead, imagine what you want to have in it by the end of the year. The coming year is full of potential, and having the space available can help you transform your life by this time next year.

If you know what major life transitions are awaiting you this year, you can use that image to determine how much space you need in your storage unit. Alternatively, you can decide to rent a larger storage unit and begin factoring the rent for that unit into your budget. 

There are several ways a self-storage unit can help you accomplish your goals for the year, such as the following:


A wedding in your upcoming year requires an abundance of planning. As you collect decorations, keep them safely stored in a storage unit near you or your venue. That way, they’ll be separate and away from the activities within your home. You’ll be free to accumulate all the wedding decorations for your big day without cluttering your home. Furthermore, an indoor climate-controlled storage unit can provide a suitable environment for storing your wedding dress, tuxedo, or other formal attire you’ll be wearing to your ceremony. 

Moving in With Someone Else

Combining two lives into one space isn’t always a seamless process. Do you need twice the number of pots and pans? Two vacuum cleaners? Multiple couches? If not, put the extra belongings into a storage unit. They’ll be there when someone moves out if you know the roommate situation will be temporary, and you won’t have to clutter a basement or closet with your storage containers and cardboard boxes.


There are several perks to downsizing, whether you’re retiring, your kids are moving out on their own, or you’re simply seeking a different kind of space. Smaller homes can be more affordable and easier to manage and maintain; however, a smaller space has less room for your belongings. With a storage unit, you can put away the items that don’t fit in your new place, but they’ll still be easily accessible.

Starting a Family

Welcoming a new member into your family is a huge deal, and you’re going to need space for the little one. Clear out a spare room to transform it into a nursery or bedroom and place the old furniture into a self-storage unit. As your child grows, you can put the baby’s things into storage. This keeps the items out of the way while still letting you hold onto them if you think another one will be coming into your life eventually.

Start Your New Year Refresh

Once you know what you currently have and what you want in the future, you can start taking action. Based on how much space you think you’ll require, decide what in your storage unit will be thrown away, donated, reorganized, or brought back into your home. Then, make it happen! Declutter and reorganize your storage unit to make room for these life transitions you have ahead of you in this new year. 

Storage Unit Organization Tips 

You’d be surprised by how much you can fit into even a small storage unit. When you rent from a self-storage facility, such as one powered by Copper Storage Management, you can often find lists of packing and storage tips on their website. Lists like ours contain several tricks and pieces of advice to set you up for success with your storage unit.

If you’re looking to learn more about how to organize your storage unit, there are several ways to maximize your storage space, such as by using the following five tips.

1. Label your boxes.

When putting your belongings into storage, clearly label the outside of your boxes or containers to indicate what you put inside. In the unit, position them where you can see the label without having to maneuver the container.

2. Leave an aisle.

Keep your belongings accessible by leaving a walkway. Boxes scattered across the floor of your storage unit could create a tripping hazard if you have to clamber over them to access something in the back. An aisle can help with visibility as well. 

3. Stack heaviest on bottom.

Just like you would with a bag of groceries, place the heaviest items on bottom and stack lighter or more fragile items on top, both inside a box and in your whole unit. The standard height of a storage unit is eight feet tall, but this can vary by facility. Mini storage units may have reduced heights. Try to use all of the space you have available, but avoid placing heavy items any higher than you’re comfortable lifting them.

Stacked brown boxes have been written on to indicate their contents and where they belong.

4. Place large items farther back.

First, move your largest items into storage, such as furniture. Place them in the back unless you know you’ll be moving them out of the unit sooner than other things. Then, once the biggest and heaviest items are situated, you can fill in the gaps with the smaller, lighter items.

5. Keep your list updated.

That list you made earlier of the items in your storage unit can stick with you. That way, if you’re ever unsure where something might have gone, you can refer to your list and confirm whether or not it’s in your self-storage unit. With proper labeling and storage unit organization, you can even save time when you’re at your facility if you know exactly what container the item is in and where that container is sitting.

Upsize or Locate Your New Storage Unit Today

Think you might benefit from a larger storage unit? Your storage facility will undoubtedly be happy to help you transfer to a different unit. If you’re looking for a storage unit near you, check to see if a storage facility powered by Copper Storage Management is near you! Throughout our many facilities, we offer competitively priced rates, month-to-month leases, climate-controlled storage, drive-up access, vehicle storage, and so much more. Use our storage unit size guide to get started today!

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