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How To Perform an Express Move In

When you arrive on-site, you should find a sign labeled Book Your Unit Today. On this sign, you can open your camera app on your mobile device, click the link that appears, and rent the unit through the website. The steps of renting a unit through the website are adding insurance, entering your contact information, entering additional information, entering your payment information, and signing the lease! After completing the move-in, you will receive an email with the gate and unit codes. You can also complete a rental through the phone using the phone number listed on the sign.

How to Input Gate Code

When you arrive at the self-storage facility that has gated access, you will find a keypad near the entrance gate. Read the sign posted near the keypad, which will have instructions on entering your assigned code. You can find your unique access code in the move-in email.

How to Close Your Unit

Once you put your belongings in the unit, pull down on the rope or the handle to close the door. Make sure the unit is adequately secured when closing the latch. If the latch is not going in all the way, place your foot on a handle nearest the latch and apply pressure. Lastly, take the lock and secure it on the door.

Move-Out Instructions

Take a photo of the vacant unit. Email the photos of the vacant unit, your name, unit number, and location to the email listed on the Move-out signage.

How to Remove and Return Da Vinci Overlock

You should receive a code texted to the phone number you entered when renting the unit. If you do not receive a code, call the phone number on the website from 8 am to 8 pm, and a customer service representative will assist you. Once you receive the code and remove the Da Vinci overlock, make sure that all four digits are aligned across the middle bar on the lock. Then, slide the black bar on the bottom of the overlock right to left, and it will come off the unit. Then, navigate towards the front of the property and drop the lock off into the Da Vinci lockbox.

How to Open Your Unit

When you arrive at your unit, make sure that it has a green tag and that the unit number matches the one assigned to you. Then, turn the green tab until it snaps, and slide the latch. If you have difficulty sliding the latch, apply pressure on the door with your foot. Then, pull the door up using the handle and unload your belongings.

How to Move Out

Clean the unit thoroughly to avoid additional charges. Close the unit door and secure the latch; remember to keep your lock and follow the posted move-out instructions.

Close Up How to Remove a Da Vinci Overlock

Once you receive the code and enter it into the overlock, ensure that the four digits are lined up on the raised middle area. Move the black tab from right to left, and the lock will quickly come off. Then, drop the overlock into the Da Vinci overlock box.