Residential Storage

Do you constantly feel cramped or cluttered in your home? Allow Copper Storage Management to lend a hand. We operate over 150 storage facilities across the country, providing home storage solutions to people in more than 20 states. Our storage units are affordable and equipped with several amenities designed to streamline your experience, including climate-controlled storage and vehicle storage options. Find a home for your extra things and reclaim the space you’ve lost in your home by investing in residential storage with Copper Storage Management.

How You Can Use Self-Storage for Your Home

Make Your Move Easier

The moving process can be brutal on both the body and the spirit. If you’re beginning the process of a move or are in the middle of one already, consider renting residential storage from Copper Storage Management. Our units are a great place to keep things between leases and store stuff you’re not sure if you’ll have a place for. And thanks to our convenient month-to-month storage rentals, it’s never been easier to rent a short-term storage unit.

During a Renovation

It’s no secret that going through a major renovation can cause chaos around the home. Whether you’re redoing the kitchen, putting in new bathroom tile, or adding on extra room(s) entirely, almost every home enters a state of disarray during the process. To avoid the rest of your home suffering, rent a storage unit with Copper Storage Management. You can keep any extra furniture, kitchen appliances, or other items here until the work is done, a much more practical option than cramming everything into your spare bedroom or hallway.

Declutter and De-stress

One of the most common reasons people feel unhappy at home is that they’re surrounded by unnecessary clutter. Removing the things you don’t need is easier said than done, however, especially for items with sentimental value. By renting a storage unit from Copper Storage Management, you can optimize your workspace without the pain of throwing away your things. Just organize them in a well-labeled box and drop them off! You’ll notice the effects of a tidier environment almost instantly, as the old adage rings true: A clean space equals a clear mind.

Rent a Personal Storage Unit and Create Space In Your Home

The solution to your home storage space needs is right around the corner with Copper Storage Management. Our storage facilities are an affordable and simple way to free up room in your home and alleviate your mind of space-related stress. Stop by one of our locations or reach out online to get started today!