Commercial Storage

Create the space your company needs to grow by renting commercial storage from Copper Storage Management. We offer a diverse selection of business storage solutions that are a perfect way for any business to streamline its operation, big or small. Our facilities all come equipped with several storage amenities like climate-controlled storage and advanced security measures, so you’ll be satisfied no matter what type of business you’re running. Optimizing your business’ operations is easier than ever with Copper Storage Management.

Commercial Storage Solution for Businesses

It’s easy enough to feel overwhelmed at work as-is. It’s even worse when you feel cramped in your surroundings. To avoid suffering the negative impacts of a chaotic workspace, invest in one of Copper Storage Management’s many commercial storage options. In addition to cutting down on clutter and creating an overall clearer workspace, this will give you the opportunity to organize all of your documents and other items. Moving forward, you won’t have to scour through piles of papers and folders, as you’ll know exactly where everything is in your storage unit.

Benefits of a Commercial Storage Unit

Business owners decide to invest in commercial storage for many different reasons, some big picture, some more practical. Here are a few reasons businesses invest in storage.


Depending on the type of business you’re in, you may have large amounts of inventory or merchandise taking up space in your office. It’s a good problem to have, as it means you have the potential for a significant profit, but it can be difficult to manage. Renting a commercial storage unit will allow you to store your products in a place you know is secure, but isn’t getting in your hair. When you need to restock, just simply head out to your unit and grab however much you need.

Office Storage

Office space isn’t cheap, and you don’t want room taken up by unnecessary extra items like chairs and boxes. For all the things you can’t find closet space for at your business, rent commercial storage with Copper Storage Management. Our storage units are a perfect spot for you to keep spillover equipment like tables, printers, and computers until you need it. Whenever you hire someone or have to find a replacement for something, you can easily head over to your unit and grab whatever you need.

Document Storage

It can be challenging for many folks to get all of their paperwork filled out and filed in time, let alone stored properly afterward. If you feel overrun by papers, folders, and binders at your place of business, invest in business document storage with Copper Storage Management. Our storage facilities are an ideal place to store old filings, previous years’ tax documents, and more. To ensure your documents are protected from damage like discoloration and dogearing, you should rent a climate-controlled storage unit with safely maintained internal temperatures.

Company Vehicle Storage

Purchasing one or more company vehicles can often be worthwhile for growing businesses, but it can also present a challenge unforeseen by many: where to park them! If your business has company vehicles, consider renting vehicle storage from Copper Storage Management. Keeping your company cars in storage will maximize the number of parking spaces at your business, which can be especially valuable for city dwellers or people with small lots.

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Set your business up for success and rent commercial storage with Copper Storage Management. We operate storage facilities with business storage options all across the United States, so wherever you are, the space you need to flourish is within reach. Stop by one of our locations or reach out online to get started today!